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How far in advance do I need to order?

Typically 1 to 2 days.

How do I pay?

We take cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer to or credit card. We do not take debit. Payment must be made in advance unless paying by cash or cheque, which is required on pickup or delivery.

Do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere within Lambton County and beyond! Pricing is based on location. Please contact us for details. 

How much material can my pickup hold?

Volume-wise, a standard pickup can hold about 2 yards. Weight-wise, a standard pickup can hold about 1 yard of soil, 2 yards of mulch and 1/2 yard of gravel.

Do you deliver in bulk or bags?

All of our products are delivered in bulk.

Do I need to cover my pile of soil?

You might want to cover the pile of soil with a tarp if there is rain in the forecast to help prevent it from becoming muddy.

Do I need to put a tarp on my driveway?

A tarp will make it easier to consolidate the soil and help with cleanup, however, it is not required. If you are receiving black mulch it may be a good idea to use a tarp in order to prevent staining.

How many yards do I need?

Please see our Yardage Calculator to determine how many yards of material you need.

Do you spread product on delivery?

We do not spread material.

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