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Our Residential soil is screened to 3/8" and is a good general purpose topsoil ideal for lawn reseeding or gardening.



Our Premium soil consists of our high quality Residential soil mixed with compost. It is perfect for the vegetable garden or demanding flower beds.



Our Contractor soil is mixed topsoil screened to 5/8". It is good for larger applications, hydro seeding and for under sod.



Residential & Contractor Soil

Premium Soil

 ($/YD)                   CONTRACTOR          RESIDENTIAL          PREMIUM

1 to 6 yards                        $27                               $37                           $47       

7 to 15 yards                      $27                               $36                           $46

16 to 19 yards                    $27                               $35                           $45      

20 to 24 yards                    $26                               $34                           $44

25 yards                              $26                               $33                           $43       


Use for filling in or building up large areas.



**Single-axle pickup trucks and small trailers have a minimum fee of $55 for all material except premium soil which is $65. Larger loads of 2 yards or more are sold by the yard. 


We deliver anywhere within Lambton County and beyond! Pricing is based on location. Please contact us for details. 

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